Visonic PowerMax MCX-610 Repeater (0-101607)

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Key Features:

  • Supports both one-way and  two-way keyfobs, remote commander and detectors
  • Mains powered, with rechargeable 36-hour backup battery
  • 868mhz frequency

The PowerMax range of wireless security solutions meets widely varied residential and commercial safety and security needs.  It is ideal for residential and small commercial properties which require simple and straightforward installation and protection requirements.

Based on Visonic’s PowerCode technology, the PowerMax family includes a variety of wireless control panels and wireless peripherals, including indoor/outdoor motion detectors, safety sensors and a wide range of personal emergency transmitters.  

MCX-610 extends the communication range between the PowerMax systems and PowerCode transmitters, including one-way and two-way keyfobs, remote commander and PowerCode motion detectors.  It receives alarm, status and control messages from the wireless devices, and sends these messages to the control panel.

For maximum security, the MCX-610 repeater uses a unique, factory programmed, randomly selected 24-bit digital alarm ID code during each transmission.  This code is selected from 16 million possible code combinations and is therefore unique and virtually impossible to accidentally reproduce.

Other important benefits of the MCX-610 include the unique anti-collision transmission sequence, which ensures accurate reception of simultaneous signals from multiple transmitters.  The fully supervised repeater issues a test report on an hourly basis, indicating faults such as power failure, low battery charge and tampering.


  • Supports both one-way and  two-way keyfobs, remote commander and all wireless PowerCode detectors
  • Compact and easy to install
  • Mains powered, with rechargeable 36-hour backup battery
  • Front and back tamper protected
  • LED indications for power failure, activity and installation performance diagnostics
  • Up to 50 different devices can be enrolled to the repeater
  • Complies with EN and FCC standards
  • 868mhz frequency

*Battery: 99-301712 (included)*

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