Concept Smoke Sentinel S55 Smoke Screen Kit (S55-230V)

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Key Features:

  • Competitive pricing, easy installation and low running costs.
  • Simple integration into existing alarm systems.
  • Powerful anti-raid burst (Turbo Mode) and multi-nozzle options.

Concept Smoke produce some of the most effective crime prevention systems in the market.  

The dense white fog produced by the S55 smoke screen is extremely effective at preventing crime. Intruders are immediately disoriented and people and property in the area are completely concealed. Smoke Screens can be used to protect multiple large properties or localised vital areas. They can be used standalone, with security alarms or integrated with other security technology. 

The Sentinel S55 marks a step up from the S55 when it comes to output and is perfect for those situations when you need a little more from your security fog generator. It has all the features synonymous with the world class Sentinel range and is an incredibly versatile addition to your security setup. 


  • Competitive pricing, easy installation and low running costs. 
  • Simple integration into existing alarm systems. 
  • Powerful anti-raid burst (Turbo Mode) and multi-nozzle options. 
  • Dry fog guaranteed to leave no residue and won't damage your goods. 
  • Persistent fog production – small particle size means the smoke will last up to 40 minutes unventilated. 
  • Full heater redundancy protects against critical failure. 
  • Supports automatic re-firing via screen-sensor technology. 
  • Energy-saving mode. 
  • Battery back-up for off-mains operation (min. 1 hour). 
  • Compliant with International (IEC62642:8) and European Standards (EN50131:8). 

What’s in the box: 

1x Smoke screen generator
1x Smoke Fluid
1x Mounting Bracket
1x Backup battery pack
1x Standard nozzle
1x Wall mount nozzle

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