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Introducing Ruijie Reyee Networking
Introducing Ruijie Reyee Networking

Ajax Superior Keypad Plus S Wireless Prox Arming Station - Black (AJA-70225)

SKU AJA-70225
by Ajax

*Superior can only be activated by approved engineers - speak to a member of our team to get approved*

Enhancing security with game changing wireless devices.

We proudly introduce Superior, a remarkable addition to our project-oriented product group. Superior product line includes wireless devices designed for professional installs. Experience an array of improved features, cutting-edge hardware, improved certification compliance, effortless installation and more.

Ajax is smart, reliable, and lightning fast. It reacts to real dangers only, not to false alarms. If an event occurs, Ajax will notify you in a heartbeat.

Ajax has been designed and built from scratch by combining functional design, the latest technology and the best components available. This uncompromising approach made it possible to create a user friendly security system that provides top level reliability and functionality to security professionals.

The Keypad is a wireless touch arming station equipped with a proximity reader for conveniently arming and disarming the Ajax security system. Ideally positioned in a room near the entrance door, it offers quick access to the keypad. This device enables security modes to be activated using a digital code, Pass card, or Tag key fob. Indicators provide notifications regarding the current security status, detector issues, or communication breakdown with the hub.

Ready to operate straight out of the box, the Keypad Plus S battery is already installed, therefore there is no need to disassemble the detector. With one click, it can be connected to the hub via the mobile application.


    • Radio channel touch keypad
    • For indoor use
    • Operates with Hub2, Hub2 Plus, ReX2
    • Number of buttons: 15
    • Protection against password attack
    • Tag/card reader
    • Arming/disarming indication
    • Battery life - up to 4.5 years
    • Jeweller radio technology
    • Communication range with central unit: up to 1,700 m in an open space
    • Two-way communication between devices
    • Operating frequencies: 868.0−868.6 MHz
    • Operating temperature range: -10°С to +40°С
    • Permissible humidity: up to 75%
    • Jamming detection
    • Tamper-resistant
    • Remote setting and testing
    • Dimensions: 165 × 113 × 20 mm
    • Weight: 267 g
    • Certification: Grade 2, CE

    *Battery backup: 4x 1.5v AA lithium batteries (included)*

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