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Introducing Ruijie Reyee Networking
Introducing Ruijie Reyee Networking

Concept Smoke 1000ml Swift Fit Fluid (CONC-FL-SWIFT-1000R)

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Concept Smoke produce some of the most effective crime prevention systems in the market.

The dense white fog produced by the smoke screen is extremely effective at preventing crime. Intruders are immediately disoriented and people and property in the area are completely concealed. Smoke Screens can be used to protect multiple large properties or localised vital areas. They can be used standalone, with security alarms or integrated with other security technology.

Fluid R is an all-round security fog fluid that can be used for any application.

The Smoke Screen fluid container has been specially designed to give the most flexible options of consumption. Intelligent sensors monitor the physical level of the fluid and can provide an accurate reading for both low and empty levels no matter the installation attitude.

A quick connector means that the fluid exchange is extremely fast and easy. A tamper-proof casing ensures that any unauthorised access will signal an alert to the control centre. The sealed construction of the fluid bottle also means that only genuine and approved liquid can be used, ensuring the driest smoke output all the time.


  • 1000ml
  • 6.5(H) x 27(L) x 7(W) cm
  • 1.22kg

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