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Introducing Ruijie Reyee Networking
Introducing Ruijie Reyee Networking

Energizer Industrial C Type 1.5v Alkaline Battery - Pack of 12 (EN-C-TYPE-IND-PK12)

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The Energizer C Type Industrial Battery is an extremely energy dense battery that comes in a pack of 12. It is not rechargeable but it is very long lasting, making it particularly suitable for use in intruder alarm equipment as well as digital cameras, laser sights and other small electronic devices.

When used in intruder alarm devices it will provide consistent performance and reliability. It’s ability to cope well with extremes of temperature and give a steady charge within a range of -40C to 60C also makes it especially useful for outdoor use.


  • 1.5v
  • Alkaline
  • U11, HP11, MN1400, MX1400, Baby battery, Type 343, LR14, 14A, 8000

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