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Introducing Ruijie Reyee Networking
Introducing Ruijie Reyee Networking

GJD 4G GSM Sim Card Speech and Text Dialler (GJD710)

by GJD
Original price £142.50 - Original price £142.50
Original price
£142.50 - £142.50
Current price £142.50

When your burglar alarm goes off the reality is that in most situations it is ignored. Many people view the alarm siren as a nuisance and do not call the police or bother to investigate. The GJD GSM Dialler offers a solution without the need of a PSTN landline.

The GJD GSM Speech and Text Dialler is the ideal companion for virtually any alarm control panel as it provides additional protection, rather than relying on the outside bell to attract attention. When the alarm is triggered, the Dialler will ring and text a combination of 9 different numbers (including mobile phones) to alert people you know and trust so they can investigate appropriately.

Six inputs allow connection to intruder detection alarm panels, nurse call devices, gas and flood sensors. The additional four outputs can be linked to other associated equipment including strobe, siren or sounder.



  • GSM Sim Card Dialler
  • 4G
  • Programmable voice messages
  • Programmable inputs
  • Built-in microphone
  • Battery backup
  • Dialler outputs can be programmed
  • Back-lit LCD shows text in eight languages
  • 9 programmable dial-out numbers
  • Pay-as-you go SIM low credit alert
  • Users can activate outputs remotely via dial


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