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Pyronix Enforcer CARDEFENDER-WE Vibration Sensor for Steering Wheel (ENF-CARDEFENDER-WE)

by Pyronix
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Key Features:

  • Selectable Detection Modes - Tilt only/ Shock only/ Tilt or Shock
  • Vehicle Protection
  • Back to Home (B2H) feature

Quick-to-fit, attractive and easy to use. The Pyronix Enforcer wireless range is technologically advanced for maximum effectiveness.

Pyronix award-winning, Enforcer two-way wireless technology delivers the ease of installation of a wireless system without compromising on the security and reliability of a wired system. Featuring a host of proprietary and patented technologies, the extensive and attractive Pyronix range of wireless intruder alarm products includes all the security system components that installers need for both small or large-scale projects.

Working in conjunction with existing Pyronix systems, the CARDEFENDER-WE is a three-axis accelerometer device recommended for vehicle security. With three configurable detection modes, it can be set to trigger for shock only, tilt only, or if either shock or tilt is detected.

The device comes with a specially designed, brightly-coloured silicone rubber mount, allowing users to strap it to a vehicle’s steering wheel for reliability and visual deterrence. Alternatively, the device can be secured with the included 3M tape for a wide variety of use cases.

The CarDefender secures vehicles within home range of the control panel. Where the vehicle has left the home range and later returned, the device’s supervision will reset after 5 minutes or the user can reset it manually by pressing the B2H button
on the device, which is the recommended method. The device will indicate signal strength with a flashing LED; green indicates good signal strength and red suggests poor.

The CarDefender has been developed to combat vehicle theft, (particularly keyless) offering a new line of defence to deter intruders by raising the house alarm in the event of an attempted theft. Users are given early warning, allowing them to take action as soon as possible, where previously, the theft may have gone unnoticed for some time.


  • Selectable Detection Modes - Tilt only/ Shock only/ Tilt or Shock
  • Universal Mounting
  • Back to Home (B2H) feature
  • The 10 Minute Safety Feature
  • Conformally Coated PCB
  • Vehicle Protection
  • Ungraded product

*Battery: 2x CR2450 (included)*

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