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Introducing Ruijie Reyee Networking
Introducing Ruijie Reyee Networking

Pyronix Euro ZEM8 8 Zone Wired Expander (EURO-ZEM8)

by Pyronix
Original price £50.50 - Original price £50.50
Original price
£50.50 - £50.50
Current price £50.50

Key Features:

  • Expand Pyronix hybrid panels
  • 8 x wired inputs
  • RS485 Expander

A haven of peace and security is what your home should be, but when it really matters it’s best to be safe, not sorry. An unprotected property is a vulnerable one at any time, day or night. Every home needs the protection of a reliable alarm system, but sometimes people are put off by the prospect of false alarms or complicated setting procedures.

Pyronix understand these concerns. The Euro range offers all the reliability of a wired system, great performance and an intuitive menu interface that makes installation, programming and operation easy. Homeowners will feel safe and satisfied with their robust, easy to operate security system.

The Euro ZEM8 is a 8 zone wired expander compatible with Euro 46 and Enforcer control panels.


  • Expand Pyronix hybrid panels
  • RS485 Expander
  • In polycarbonate box with window
  • 8 Double Pole or Double EoL Inputs

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