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Introducing Ruijie Reyee Networking
Introducing Ruijie Reyee Networking

Texecom Impaq SC EOL Vibration Detector with Contact - Brown (AEK-0002)

by Texecom
Original price £20.50 - Original price £20.50
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£20.50 - £20.50
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Key Features:

  • Detection Type: Vibration/Contact
  • VIBER™ Accelerometer Technology
  • Built-in EOL Resistors

Exceptional performance combined with class-leading false alarm immunity ensures the Impaq Series of shock sensors are ideal for use in virtually any environment. Impaq shock sensors deliver additional security by enabling detection prior to intruder entry, providing an ideal solution for confirmed alarm systems.

Perfect for residential and commercial use, the Premier Impaq S provides a security upgrade option for your property. The device is simply placed on the door or window frame to detect excessive force before entry is made. Ideal for advanced warning and perimeter protection.

Along with industry leading vibration technology, the detector comes complete with a magnetic contact which will detect entry if a door or window is opened without force.

The Impaq SC uses the sophisticated VIBER™ Accelerometer Technology, it provides a much higher level of accuracy for vibration detection compared to piezoelectric technology. VIBER™ Accelerometer Technology is highly sensitive to subsurface shock transmissions resulting from attempted forced entry, it is completely immune to airborne-based high frequency noise. The result? A shock sensing technology with unparalleled catch performance while actively discriminating against false alarm sources. Unlike piezo-based shock sensors, VIBER™ Accelerometer Technology detects in all three dimensions, increasing installation flexibility as the device can be mounted in any orientation. With 5 digital sensitivity settings, the Impaq S Series can be installed on a wide range of materials, from window frames to concrete.


  • Detection Type: Vibration/Contact
  • VIBER™ Accelerometer Technology
  • End of line wiring only
  • Built-in EOL Resistors
  • Adjustable Sensitivity
  • Engineer Setup
  • Detection LED
  • Microprocessor Technology
  • Digital Signal Processing
  • Advanced Signal Processing Algorithms
  • EN50131-2-8 Grade 2

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