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Introducing Ruijie Reyee Networking
Introducing Ruijie Reyee Networking

Visonic PG2 PowerMaster PowerLink 3.1 IP Communicator (9-103724)

SKU VIS-9-103724
by Visonic
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£97.50 - £97.50
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Key Features:

  • Wired ethernet IP module
  • System accessible via Visonic mobile G0 app
  • No router configuration required

The PowerMaster is Visonic's new line of wireless intruder alarm systems based on PowerG wireless technology. PowerG PG2 redefines the wireless security market with a combination of reliability, performance and an advanced feature set.

PowerG PG2 combines several field-proven, advanced wireless technologies, like those used in cellular networks and Bluetooth, with the highly reliable AES encryption method. The greatest innovation in PowerG is having these technologies operate on non-rechargeable batteries while still keeping all devices connected and online. Advanced signal jamming prevention with frequency hopping technology, this allows the system to identify interruptions in frequency and automatically adjusts to continue reliable communication.

Visonic’s PowerLink3.1 is an extremely simple Internet based solution for advanced home security system management and control. It enables central monitoring stations (CMS), security service providers and homeowners to leverage the full power of Internet connectivity to take home safety and security to the next level. At its most basic, PowerLink3.1 offers a plug and play broadband IP event notification solution. With more and more homeowners moving to VoIP communications, broadband has become an ideal method for cost free alarm event notification.

Visonic's PowerLink3.1 Internet-based home control system features built in IP based event notification capabilities. Simply plugging the PowerLink3.1 system into a free port on the home router, connects the alarm system to the IP receiver with no need to configure the the router. This provides a true plug and play experience for both the security installer and the user.

As PowerLink3.1 is fully integrated with the PowerMaster home security system, it has the ability to send alarm time images based on real motion detection from the NEXT CAM detector. This significantly reduces the cost and hassle of false alarms.

The system enables the CMS to receive image alarm verification information within seconds of the alarm time, compared to the several minutes it takes with GPRS or PSTN based alarm verification solutions. Moreover, alarm time images can be forwarded to the homeowner's email or mobile phone for immediate viewing and verification.


  • Offered as an internal module for PowerMaster version 17 or higher and PowerMax version 13 or higher
  • System accessible via Visonic mobile G0 app or mobile/PC web browsers via PowerManage services
  • Provides alarm-time recorded video feeds from up to 10 Next CAM detectors, including the possibility to use the VOD (video on demand) feature from PowerManage
  • No router configuration required
  • No client software installation required
  • Does not require a fixed IP at the home premises
  • Fully managed by Visonic's PowerManage (IP management platform)
  • Remote maintenance and configuration of the PowerMaster security system via PowerManage

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