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Visonic PG2 PowerMaster WCDMA-3G Sim Card Communicator (9-103405)

SKU VIS-9-103405
by Visonic
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Key Features:

  • Full event reporting via a sim card
  • Supports two-way voice communication
  • 3G Communication

When your burglar alarm goes off the reality is that in most situations it is ignored. Many people view the alarm siren as a nuisance and do not call the police or bother to investigate. The Visonic PowerMaster WCDMA-3G GSM Dialler offers a solution without the need of a PSTN landline.

The GJD WCDMA-3G Speech, text and IP communicator is the ideal companion for Visonic control panels as it provides additional protection, rather than relying on the outside bell to attract attention. When the alarm is triggered, the Dialler will ring and text a combination of 4 different numbers (including mobile phones) to alert people you know and trust so they can investigate appropriately. The device can also send a push notification to the VisonicGo mobile app.

WCDMA-3G is a 3g communication module that connects PowerMaster intrusion alarm system to the alarm central stations or private telephone numbers. The module can report via 3G or GPRS data channel and/or through the GSM network. This enables a high-speed and highly reliable communication channel in the event of line failure or tampering with the standard telephone lines.

In addition, WCDMA-3G supports remote operation and event reporting via VisonicGo. For properties without PSTN telephone lines, the WCDMA-3G is essential. It extends the control panel functionality to any site, such as homes with VoIP-based telephony, anchored boats and isolated holiday homes. The module is internal and fits in the PowerMaster systems, so no additional external elements are needed. The integrity of the backup communication channel is ensured through continuous monitoring.


  • Compatible with PowerMaster 10, PowerMaster 30, PowerMaster 33, PowerMaster GTX, PowerMaster GT64
  • Supports three data channels: 3G, GSM and SMS. For high-speed and highly reliable reporting
  • Can be configured as a backup or primary reporting method
  • Full event reporting
  • Recommended for every home as a backup communication line in case of line failure or system sabotage
  • Continuous monitoring of channel integrity and "signal loss" detection
  • Supports SIA/IP, SIA and Contact ID monitoring protocols
  • Supports two-way voice communication
  • Supports QUAD band frequencies for worldwide coverage
  • Optional external antenna is available to enhance the GSM signal reception

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